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FrontFoot Life has, in reality, been designed by the veterans, service leavers, reservists and their families to resolve the many issues they face in civvy street. You spoke, we simply listened.

We provide a ‘Transition Solution’, supporting more than just a civilian job but a holistic service for the whole armed forces community.


Training (ELCAS or private) :

Providers who are willing to tailor make your training package to make you ‘job ready’ for employers. Regardless if that is a site manager in Hull or a Program Director in Southampton.

Family support :

Families of ex-service personnel also have to transition - they are often forgotten. We support your spouse, children and parents.

Mental health support :

100% anonymous to serving personnel, veterans, reservists and their families.

Substance/alcohol issues :

100% anonymous is the first step.

Financial concerns :

Speaking to an expert free of charge.

Post Hire and Transition support :

From the day you start your new job and for the next 12 months, FrontFoot are here to support you and your employer to ensure you settle in well. Your transition partner is there to discuss any concerns or problems you may encounter. You can reach out to your Transition partner safe in the knowledge they will understand as they have all gone through it and know what you are up against.

Jobs :

FrontFoot.Jobs works with the widest range of employers (large and small) in the UK. As part of your new job package, we offer a full range of transition support for 12 months to ensure your transition is successful. You will be assigned a transition manager who has already made the journey from serving to civvy life to guide you.


Our mission is to assist the transition to civilian life for every service leaver, veteran, reservist, cadets and your families.

From the moment you consider leaving the services through to training for your civilian life, career and beyond.

Our transition & pastoral support partners are all from the armed forces community, hence have taken this journey already and know what you are going through.

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Image by Anastasia Petrova


Our vision is to see all veterans, service leavers, your families and our reservists given a fair opportunity to return to civilian life by providing the support you need when you need it by people who understand the journey you are on.

Meet The Team

Tim O'Keefe
Tim O'Keefe
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Founder of FrontFoot. With an extensive history in the recruitment industry and a passion for assisting people with their career paths.  Tim identified an opportunity to help military personnel and veterans transition from the military into civilian life in a positive and effective way. FrontFoot has evolved into two distinct but completely interlinked entities; 1. FrontFoot.Life - the charity offering holistic support services 2. FrontFoot.Jobs - a unique career portal with jobs, armed forces community candidates and forces friendly employers. Both entities support each other with a single goal - Backing Veterans Beyond Service.

Jacqui Stone
Jacqui Stone
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CEO and Founder of Abberton Rural Training, a multi-award winning charity providing education and skills to vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged people, including Wounded and Injured Service Personnel and Veterans.  Working closely with the Personnel Recovery Centre, Colchester Garrison and MCTC. She holds a BSc (Hons) First Class, Mathematics and Its Learning, PGCPSE - Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education.  Jacqui has extensive charity experience, including studying Charity Law, Fundraising, and Governance, receiving a Queens Award for Voluntary Service (equivalent to an MBE) for her charity in 2021.  ART works across the East of England with 27 projects across 15 sites currently.  Jacqui has led ART for over 9 years. Jacqui’s partner is himself a Armed Forces Veteran (Royal Engineers) and has three children, two with SEN – one complex needs and is herself disabled. ​

Ken Lawns
Ken Lawns
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Former Royal Marine Commando.    Ken joined the Royal Marines in July 1999 and successfully completed the most arduous infantry in the UK, ready to serve as a Royal Marines Commando.  Served in major units in 3 commando brigade and NATO HQ Brunssum.  Been deployed on international exercises and major operations in some of the most inhospitable countries.  22 years in the Royal Marines serving across the globe in various positions, working with some of the most incredible professional hard-working soldiers, sailors and airmen and women.  Progressed through the ranks from Marine, culminating as a Sergeant Major (WO2).  As a Sgt Maj, an extremely rewarding rank, I have been given opportunities to help guide ranks make informed choices about their careers and personal lives as well as look after their welfare and professionally develop them to be the best soldiers/sailors they can be.   Ken worked within the Logistics and Transport departments of the Royal Marines for the last 21 years and has been in senior positions for the last 12. He is highly knowledgeable and a skilled Operations Manager with vast experience in Logistics Management, Transport Management and Project Delivery.  He has excellent interpersonal skills and his consistent track record for providing assurance with a strong ability to develop individuals using his BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management and providing high-performing teams drawing on his extensive knowledge on Coaching and Mentoring ensuring successful positive organisational change. Kenneth thrives on the effective use of his experience and expertise whilst focusing on people through leadership to ensure inclusion, integrity and accountability are maintained for success.

Simon Kirrage
Simon Kirrage
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Simon has been in the staffing industry since 1998 and has worked alongside Vips since then, creating and running multiple businesses in different locations in Europe.  Simon has a lot of management experience and works well with people. He offers a new approach in many situations due to his calmness and experience. Simon is a firm believer in human rights and knows first hand that veterans are often underemployed or overlooked due to the job market in the UK where a ‘slick CV’ wins the day. Joining FrontFoot to help change a persons future for the better is the driving force behind every day for Simon.

Vips Kirrage
Vips Kirrage
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Having over 25 years of employment consulting experience across the UK, US, EU and Asia Pacific, Vips brings a wealth of knowledge as a central figure in the FrontFoot team. Together with Simon, Vips created and run multiple companies both in the UK, Spain and Sweden. As a native Scandinavian Vips brings a cultural paradigm of straight, no nonsense work ethic while also being the key behind the technology and operations to make FrontFoot a functioning, integrated system. Outside work, Vips has made a life helping people but her great passion is animals and their welfare.


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